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Our Mission

Tiro Sports aims at providing the insight and opportunities for athletes around the world to be given a platform to potentially gain a scholarship to top United States boarding schools and universities.


Founded in Singapore, Tiro Sports has quickly spread throughout Asia, South America and Europe to answer the need of help with gaining exposure for international athletes. Additionally, this expansion has matched the vocal desire of US preparatory school and college coaches at all levels for global expansion on their rosters.  

Learn about the ins and outs of the US college recruiting process, directly from the NCAA coaches themselves and guided by the Tiro Sports staff.


Develop an UNDERSTANDING: Experience what it's like to be a collegiate player by participating in training sessions put on by college coaches. Hear what expectations will be in all areas of the game (technical, tactical, physical, mental).


Develop as a potential recruit as participants in our Global ID camps and have the opportunity to be picked to participate in our College Tours over in the US.

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