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The US College recruiting process can be incredibly daunting and complex. Many parents and players are unclear on the right way to pursue the goal of playing sport at the next level.


There is a common misconception that college coaches will simply approach players with scholarship offers; the reality is that for the vast majority of players, you must do a significant amount of outreach, research, and other legwork to create your own opportunities.


With a Tiro Sports consultant, we will help to simplify the recruiting process and create a focused, concise approach catered specifically to you!

Consultation with Tiro will accomplish:​

  • Identifying a list of target schools based on a player's academic and athletic needs

  • Helping to build a profile that will be used to market a player's athletic abilities, academic merits, and personality (including highlight videos and athletic resume)

  • Assisting with communication with coaches (from introductory emails, to phone calls with coaches, to on-campus visits, to commitment conversations)

  • Advise on all Academic related decisions, including timing of the SAT/ACT and class selection throughout high school

  • Navigating the complex and ever changing rules of the NCAA

  • Coordination the timing of important events throughout the process, including tournament/ID Camp exposure and official & unofficial visits

  • General advice when different situations arise throughout the process

  • Negotiating with coaches about scholarship & commitment offers!

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