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ANNOUNCING THE 8 Regional ID World Cup Team Coaches

A lottery type event will be held on June 1st on which college coach, from the list below, will coach which global region during the ID World Cup event:

  1. Yale University 

  2. Brown University


    Wesleyan University

  4. Connecticut College

  5. University of New Hampshire

  6. Southern Methodist University

  7. College of the Holy Cross

  8. Bates College



More will be added daily with an expectation of 100 plus coaches attending throughout the duration of the ID World Cup event.​

Yale University

Bates College

Bowdoin College

Harvard University

Connecticut College 

Brown University

Columbia University

Dartmouth University

Skidmore College

College of the Holy Cross

Trinity College

Ithaca College

Babson College

Southern Methodist


Wesleyan University 

University of

New Hampshire

Allegheny College 

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