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Why Attend an ID Camp?

College soccer ID camps are a crucial part of the recruiting process. In an ID camp you will participate in training and seminars led by college coaches. You will also play and be evaluated in 11v11 matches, and receive valuable information about the recruitment process. ID camps are an evaluative tool used by college soccer coaches. They are a great opportunity to stand out and get noticed, and to build a relationship between the student-athlete and coach.

Reasons why college ID camps are beneficial for student-athletes

1. Coaches have more time to evaluate you

Through training and games, coaches can evaluate a player and decide if they would be a good fit for their college soccer program.

2. More time to build relationships

Coaches get to spend with players getting to know their personality and character which are essential factors when evaluating a prospective student-athlete.

3. Learn more about the coach and the program

Players can also get a feel for the college coach - how they coach & run their team, and other information about the program. This knowledge will be really important when making a choice on which college to attend.

4. You can get a feel for competition level

Lastly, players will also get a feel for the level of play specific to that school and understand where they would fit in that program.

Am I too young to attend an ID camp?

Getting on a coach’s radar sooner rather than later could help a player’s ability to be looked at longer and more thoroughly. Attending an ID camp early can get you better prepared and give you lead time to create a robust profile for the recruiting process.

Research and reach out to coaches beforehand!

If you sign up for an ID camp, contact coaches beforehand expressing your interest and include your highlight video and player profile. This will help you get on their radar and they will be much more likely to look out for you during the camp. Also, make sure when you get to the camp you introduce yourself to the coaches to continue building a relationship.

Further steps:

Learn more by speaking with one of our TIRO recruiting specialists, or attending one of our events. Our events include a comprehensive education about how to navigate the recruiting process, while also putting you in direct contact with college coaches.

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