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A Parent’s Guide to the NCAA Recruiting Process

Navigating the recruiting process can be exciting and stressful for a student-athlete. We have created guides for prospective student-athletes, and we wanted to also provide information for the parents. Parents will play an important role in the process and we have gathered some tips that can ease the journey to help your child.

Start the recruitment process early

This time period will pass by very quickly and it is important to begin the process early. We recommend not waiting until junior or senior year. Instead, spend the necessary time preparing a profile and educating yourself before the crucial recruiting time period. Having a conversation with your child early on about what they are looking for in a school and soccer program is a great place to start. This way you can aid them in researching more about possible schools that fit their interests.

Explore all possibilities

It is important to explore the different levels of collegiate soccer available. Do not close off an option getting hung up on D1, D2, D3, or NAIA. There are a number of competitive academic and soccer programs that can be appropriate for different people.

Take videos

Videos are essential in the recruitment process for your child getting exposure from college coaches. Help your child get footage to make a highlight video to send out to coaches.

Let your child lead the process

A parent’s role through this process should be supporting and helpful but most importantly they should give a platform for their child to lead. After all, the student-athlete needs to be comfortable and confident in their choice.

Further steps:

Learn more by speaking with one of our TIRO recruiting specialists, or attending one of our events. Our events include a comprehensive education about how to navigate the recruiting process, while also putting you in direct contact with college coaches.


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