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What are the benefits of playing in the Tiro ID Soccer World Cup.

The Tiro Sports International ID Soccer World Cup is an exciting annual event hosted at Loomis Chaffee Prep School, Hartford, Connecticut. The ID World Cup is a tournament based event that is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender). This is the chance to be seen by over 100 college coaches in their preferred tournament format and prove you're the one of the best non USA based soccer talent.  If you have ever wondered the best way to get seen by college coaches, this is your opportunity!

Teams will be organised by geographical region from around the world including South America, South Asia, North Asia, Great Britain/Ireland, Central Europe, Southern Europe/Iberia, North America & Rest of the World. The Tiro Sports ID World Cup tournament will be hosted on 14-18 July for Girls and the July 20-25, 2024 for boys.

Boys teams from the Tiro ID Soccer World Cup
Tiro International ID Soccer World Cup for boys

Attending The Tiro Sports ID World Cup event presents a unique and exceptional opportunity for aspiring soccer players aged 15-18 from around the world to showcase their talents and get recruited by NCAA college coaches. Here's how participating The benefits of playing in the ID Soccer World Cup in this event can significantly enhance a player's chances of securing a college soccer scholarship:

  • Global Exposure: The Tiro Sports ID World Cup event attracts talented young soccer players from various countries, providing an unparalleled platform for exposure to NCAA college coaches. With participants coming from diverse backgrounds and playing styles, coaches have the chance to discover hidden gems and recruit top international talent.

  • High-Level Competition: The event features high-level competition, mimicking the intensity and quality of collegiate soccer. Players have the opportunity to test their skills against some of the best young talent in the world, showcasing their abilities in a competitive environment. College coaches attending the event can assess how players perform under pressure and in challenging situations, making it an ideal setting for talent evaluation.

  • Direct Interaction with NCAA Coaches: The Tiro Sports ID World Cup event facilitates direct interaction between players and NCAA college coaches. Coaches attend the event with the specific intention of scouting for potential recruits, providing players with the opportunity to engage in conversations, receive feedback on their performance, and make a lasting impression. Building personal connections with coaches can significantly enhance a player's recruiting prospects.

  • Comprehensive Player Development: In addition to showcasing their skills on the field, players participating in the event have access to comprehensive player development resources. The event may include training sessions, seminars, and workshops conducted by experienced coaches and professionals, offering valuable insights and guidance on various aspects of the game, including tactical understanding, physical conditioning, and mental preparation.

  • Showcasing Versatility and Adaptability on a Global Stage: The Tiro Sports ID World Cup event provides players with the opportunity to showcase their versatility and adaptability on a global stage. Playing alongside and against players from different countries and cultural backgrounds allows players to demonstrate their ability to adapt to different playing styles, tactics, and environments. Coaches value players who can excel in diverse settings, making this aspect of the event particularly appealing to recruiters.

The Tiro International ID Soccer World Cup for Girls
The Tiro International ID Soccer World Cup for Girls

To make the most of attending The Tiro Sports ID Soccer World Cup event, players should:

  • Prepare Diligently: Prepare physically and mentally for the event by training consistently and focusing on areas of improvement. Players should arrive at the event in peak condition, ready to compete at their best.

  • Research Participating Colleges: Familiarize yourself with the colleges and universities that will be represented at the event. Research their soccer programs, academic offerings, and recruiting criteria to identify potential matches for your athletic and academic goals.

  • Create an Impressive Recruiting Profile: Develop a comprehensive recruiting profile that highlights your athletic achievements, academic accomplishments, and personal attributes. Include relevant statistics, highlight videos, and testimonials from coaches or teammates to showcase your abilities and character.

  • Engage with Coaches: Take advantage of opportunities to interact with NCAA college coaches during the event. Introduce yourself, express your interest in their program, and inquire about their recruiting process. Be proactive in seeking feedback and demonstrating your enthusiasm and commitment to playing at the collegiate level.

By participating in The Tiro Sports ID World Cup event and following these guidelines, aspiring soccer players can significantly enhance their chances of getting recruited by NCAA college soccer coaches and securing a coveted college soccer scholarship. Submit your profile for a chance to be selected to participate in one of the regional All Star teams. Alternatively please email for more information.

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