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A Player's Guide to Communicating with NCAA Coaches through EmaiL

Tip 1: Personalize each email

If you don’t invest the time to personalize the email, coaches won’t take the time to respond. Coaches receive hundreds of emails and unfortunately don’t have enough hours in the day to go through all of them. You want your email to stand out because coaches don’t want to receive a generic letter. Make sure that you show the coach you are following the program and knowledgeable about the school. For example, include a couple sentences about their university and their programs' most recent results.

Tip 2: Send a Video

Sending a video can allow for college coaches to quickly evaluate if a player fits their recruiting needs. Start with a highlight video that’s a couple of minutes long showcasing your best clips. Identify yourself in each clip to make sure the coach can locate you on the pitch. Start out strong with your best plays in the beginning to grab the coaches attention and show what you can offer. In general, the footage should have a few seconds before and after the play as coaches also want to see how you react during gameplay.

Tip 3: Attachments and Links

Rather than overwhelming coaches with every detail about yourself, attach your player profile to the email (if you have one). Remember to keep it concise. If you are able to attach resumes or a link to a highlight video, they can review your additional information on their own time.


Learn more by speaking with one of our TIRO SPORTS recruiting specialists, or attending one of our events. Our events include a comprehensive education about how to navigate the recruiting process, while also putting you in direct contact with college coaches.

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