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The Tiro Sports soccer residency program is a 3-week full time schedule designed for soccer players who have the drive and focus to become a collegiate soccer athlete, while still wanting to have a fun, relaxed, traditional summer residential in between the recruiting college ID Camp (s).


We understand the importance of attending college ID Camps, but we also understand the logistical difficulty for players and families to attend sometimes multiple camps in a summer in multiple cities across the USA. The Tiro residency program is designed to assist players and families with not just making the decision on what ID Camp(s) are worthwhile, a good value, and a best fit for each individual player, but also is designed to provide the needed recuperation resources in between the ID Camps such as nutrition, training, rehab, fitness, general social fun, and more.


Throughout the 3-week Tiro residency, each player will have the ability to design their personalized, custom, experience through picking and choosing: 1. Which college ID Camp(s) to attend as well as 2. Which value add-on activities to participate in to move their soccer recruiting forward. It's important to note that all players would have a great summer experience through just participating in the base camp which includes daily soccer training, Strength & Conditioning training, soccer specific fitness sessions, filmed matches, recruiting seminars, college tours, discussions with current college coaches and players, and more. The additional options are not mandatory, but intended to add value to each individual player however is best for them. Each attendee can create their ideal 3-weeks at the residency to execute on exactly what they're looking to achieve from their summer.



Each attendee has the option to organize their own personalized program by picking the college ID Camp(s) that most interest him or her. While each player is not required to register for a college ID Camp, we would expect each player to register for 1, 2, or 3 camps within the Tiro Sports residency.



Tiro provides full service transportation to/from each camp and is on standby if anything is needed from the participants while they're attending a college ID Camp. This selection of college ID Camps was specifically put together to provide the best recruiting opportunities for the players. Each camp has been vetted by the Tiro staff over a number of years. 



Each attendee should review the college ID Camps and evaluate the dates, cost, and the schools/coaches in attendance. It is recommended to separate each camp by at least 2 days in order to provide the proper amount of rest and recuperation. Tiro staff are available to all participants for a free consultation on what ID camps would be a good fit for each student-athlete.


Each player will register directly with any college ID Camps that they would like to attend and Tiro residency will take care of the rest. 


Residency Camp Schedule - July 2022 (SAMPLE).png


While the residency is designed to be an all-inclusive program by itself: to provide soccer training, recruiting support, and transportation to/from the top ID Camps; we also understand that each individual might want to optimize their experience for him or herself through additional value-add resources which can be added at any time upon capacity constraints.


Below is a breakdown of the included resources in the base residency fee. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-22 at 10.56.04 AM.jpeg



Residency Camp Inclusions


A first class private school, called HIllside, which is based in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States, that provides the platform for a fantastic soccer residency venue.

Hillside's dorms have the comforts of home. From common rooms with comfortable couches and large flat screen televisions to central air conditioning through out the building, these dorms are perfect to host the Tiro Sports summer residency program.

All participants will have supervised access to first class and well maintained soccer fields, tennis courts, outdoor pool and a six-lane track are just a few recreational facilities on offer.

This campus is the perfect base for soccer athletes to stay, train, study, recover and attend ID camps throughout the East Coast of the United States,


"Customize Your Summer To Maximize
Your Recruiting Potential"

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